September 6th, 2020

Take Control of Your Wealth

We’d like to to introduce two of our partners, Christie Matwee and Shawna Perron, who have recently created a series of educational podcasts on investing, and would love for you and/ or your family to join their journey by listening through your favorite podcast app or via their Take Control of Your Wealth website.

Christie and Shawna, both experienced Portfolio Managers at Cumberland in Toronto and Calgary respectively, have been passionate about helping Canadians of all ages and walks of life to feel comfortable with their money and achieve their financial goals. Their hope is that their podcast will be a way to do just that by allowing investors and their families to build knowledge and confidence as it relates to investing as they share their beliefs on key topics and investing principles.

You can automatically download new episodes for free by subscribing on Apple, or other podcast apps, and feel free to leave them a rating and review while you’re at it!

In addition, you can subscribe and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to ensure you receive updates about new episodes. Or sign up to receive email updates on the Take Control of Your Wealth website.