National Instrument 54-101

National Instrument 54-101 Explanation:

Based on your instructions, the securities in your account with us are not registered in your name but in the name of our carrying broker, or the name of another person or company holding your securities on our carrying broker’s behalf. The issuers of the securities in your account may not know the identity of the beneficial owner of these securities. We are required under securities law to obtain your instructions concerning various matters relating to your holding of securities in your account. You may provide us with your instructions by completing the National Instrument 54-101 Client Response section of your Client Account Application.

Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership Information

Securities law permits reporting issuers and other persons and companies to send materials related to the affairs of the reporting issuer directly to beneficial owners of the reporting issuer’s securities if the beneficial owner does not object to having information about them disclosed to the reporting issuer or other persons and companies. Part 1 of the client response form allows you to tell us if you OBJECT to the disclosure by us to the reporting issuer or other persons or companies of name, address, electronic mail address, securities holdings and preferred language of communication.

If you DO NOT OBJECT to the disclosure of your beneficial ownership information, please mark the first box in Part 1. In those circumstances, you will not be charged with any costs associated with sending securityholder materials to you.

If you OBJECT to the disclosure of your beneficial ownership information by us, please mark the second box in Part 1. If you do this, all materials to be delivered to you as a beneficial owner of securities will be delivered by NBIN. NBIN is permitted under National Instrument 54-101 to charge your account for the costs incurred in delivering this material to you.

Receiving Securityholder Materials

For securities that you hold through your account, you have the right to receive proxy-related materials sent by reporting issuers to registered holders of their securities in connection with meetings of such securityholders. Among other things, this permits you to receive the necessary information to allow you to have your securities voted in accordance with your instructions at a securityholder meeting. In addition, reporting issuers may choose to send other securityholder materials to beneficial owners, although they are not obliged to do so.

Securities law permits you to decline to receive securityholder materials. The three types of materials that you may decline to receive are:
(a) proxy-related materials, including annual reports and financial statements, that are sent in connection with a securityholder meeting;
(b) annual reports and financial statements that are not part of proxy-related materials; and
(c) materials that a reporting issuer or other person or company sends to securityholders that are not required by corporate or securities law to be sent to registered holders.

Part 2 allows you to tell us what materials you wish to receive.

If you want to receive ALL materials that are sent to beneficial owners of securities, please mark the first box on Part 2. If you want to DECLINE to receive the three types of materials referred to above, please mark the second box in Part 2.

Electronic Delivery of Securityholder Documents

Electronic delivery of documents may be available with your consent. If you wish to receive electronic delivery when it is available, please request a consent form from your Portfolio Manager.


If you have any questions or want to change your instructions, please contact your Portfolio Manager.