Diane Pang / October 5th, 2020

Income Strategy Third Quarter Review

Diane Pang

The long awaited summer came and went in a flash as another quarter flew by. Q3 was a bit more trial and error as the reopening of the economy (restaurants/stores/offices) was phased-in with caution in Canada. Covid-19 cases remained low at the start of the quarter but started to spike again as the quarter came to an end.

The Canadian government continues to be supportive to ensure citizens will be able to endure these times of hardships. While there was optimism that people were returning to work and the unemployment rate looked to be declining from the heights of the pandemic, Canada is funding its way through the pandemic with debt. The province of Quebec announced a one-month lockdown for October towards the end of the quarter, setting alarms that this pandemic is definitely here to stay and drawing concerns that other provinces will follow.