Gerald Connor / October 12th, 2018

Hope for Rotation

We’ve said repeatedly that we believe the current bull market will continue until there is either a recession or a restrictive monetary policy.

So far, that position has been accurate as the S&P 500 recently hit a new all-time high and the length of this bull market, according to some, has become the longest on record, beating the previous bull market that took place between October 11, 1990 and March 24, 2000. However, there are those who say the market decline in the 3rd quarter of 1990 was actually a correction. If they are right, then the bull market of the 1990’s actually started on December 4, 1987. That extended bull market lasted 4494 days compared to about 3500 for our current run. That might lend some comfort to those trying to handicap how far we are into this cycle. Furthermore, the current economic expansion supports the market as it will become the longest expansion on record in July, 2019.