Charles R. Sims, FCPA, FCA / January 2nd, 2019

Deep Roots, Stronger Together

In May 2018, Cumberland Private Wealth completed its merger with Perron & Partners. So, how did two successful independent firms, separated by 2,100 miles, decide to join forces?

To start with, both firms were founded by entrepreneurial industry veterans. Both were employee-owned with no affiliations to any financial organizations. Both had strong values and believed deeply in the client experience.

It made good sense for founders Gerry Connor and Gary Perron to create a unified firm with even broader expertise, resources and geographic reach to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

We have since continued to build on the strengths of each firm, while remaining true to the principles on which they were founded.

Building on Shared Principles


Cumberland founder Gerry Connor has always said, “Whatever you recommend to clients, you should be confident in owning yourself.” To this day, we remain an investment firm where our money is managed alongside your money.

Our team are owners as well as investors in Cumberland Private Wealth. That makes us committed, long-term partners for the future. 

Being aligned with our clients creates a unique culture and a rewarding client experience. We understand that many of our clients want to be actively involved in the management of their wealth. At Cumberland Private Wealth, your portfolio manager is at your side and you can meet the people who manage your money.

“Whatever you recommend to clients, 

you should be confident in owning yourself”


Gary Perron has long recognized that large firms tend to offer clients what’s best for the firm, not necessarily the client. When he founded Perron & Partners, he immediately saw what was possible when not inhibited by corporate directives and guidelines. By merging with another independent firm, Gary has ensured that his firm will remain true to its focus on investment excellence and the client experience.

We are able to offer our clients unique wealth management services with objectivity that is not possible at large institutions. You can be confident knowing that our interests are always aligned with your own.

“We maintain our independence,

innovative approach and drive to always

work in the best interest of our clients”


Joining together Perron & Partners and Cumberland Private Wealth has ensured that we have the resources to be able to deliver the breadth and sophistication of products and services, as well as the unique client experience, that high net worth clients need and have come to expect. 

For example:

  • Holistic wealth planning. Personalized advice to meet your life goals, including financial and estate planning.
  • Broad range of investment strategies. More than a dozen solutions spanning North American and International markets, including Alternative, Equity and Fixed Income.
  • Deeper pool of talent. A dedicated, in-house “investment engine” of more than 20 portfolio managers and analysts.
  • Opportunities for innovation. Freedom to pursue innovative solutions for our clients’ portfolios and service experience.
  • Regional coverage. Offices spanning Calgary to Toronto to Kingston.

As our firm grows, your success and our success continue to be intertwined. Our clients have continued to receive exceptional service from the same people they have come to know and trust over the years, while also enjoying the new advantages of a more resourceful firm. 

We look forward to serving you for many more years to come.