Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc. sponsors new program at George Brown College

Four years since Gerald Connor, Chairman of Cumberland Partners Ltd. (CPL) made his commitment to the George Brown Business Centre, a new certificate program in operations and client management is launched. This program was developed by industry subject-matter experts to address the growing demands for administrative and operational wealth management professionals.

Read more about this program in the press release.

Kipling Funds nominated for 2023 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards

Cumberland Private Wealth is pleased to announce that the Kipling Funds have all been nominated as finalists at the 2023 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards.

Kipling Strategic Income in the Credit Focused category:
Best 5 Year Return
Best 3 Year Sharpe Ratio
Best 5 Year Sharpe Ratio

Kipling Global Enhanced Dividend in the Equity Focused category:
Best 5 Year Sharpe Ratio

Kipling Global Enhanced Growth in the Equity Focused category:
Best 1 Year Return
Best 5 Year Return
Best 5 Year Sharpe Ratio

The Kipling Funds are owned and administered by NCM Asset Management Ltd. (“NCM”). Cumberland Investment Counsel Inc. (“CIC”) is the sub-advisor of these funds. Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc., CIC and NCM are affiliated companies under the common ownership of Cumberland Partners Limited.

Cumberland partner, Alex von Schroeter, said, “The Kipling Funds provide exposure to the world’s largest, most diverse and liquid equity markets, emphasizing growth, dividends and income. We are proud of the positive results that our team has delivered for the benefit of investors over more than five years of up and down markets.”

A total of 233 unique hedge funds were considered for a 2023 Canadian Hedge Fund Award. The annual awards are a quantitative measure, based on performance data to June 30th that was provided to and tabulated by Fundata Canada. The awards will be held on Tuesday, October 17th in Toronto. There will be a dinner gala at One King West Hotel, following the 2023 Canadian Hedge Fund Conference earlier in the day.

Jason Isaac, Lead Portfolio Manager for the Kipling Funds said, “The strong long-term performance of the funds, especially on a risk-adjusted basis as measured by the Sharpe Ratio, is a testament to our team’s repeatable process and disciplined approach to risk management.”

About the Kipling Funds

The Kipling Funds are a group of three alternative strategies, which are offered to investors as pooled investment funds.

Kipling Strategic Income is a fixed income 130/30 alternative fund. This structure enables the fund to seek yield, pursue returns and manage risk. This fund provides a steady stream of income through fixed income investing. It focuses on capital preservation while mitigating risk exposure from both an interest rate risk and credit risk perspective.

Kipling Global Enhanced Dividend is a global equity 130/30 alternative fund. This structure enables the fund to hedge risk and potentially reduce downside volatility. This fund focuses on dividend growth, profitability and balance sheet flexibility, emphasizing cash flows to shareholders. It offers geographic and sector diversification beyond the Canadian domestic market in areas such as Technology, Health Care, Industrials, and Consumer Discretionary.

Kipling Global Enhanced Growth Fund is a global equity 130/30 alternative fund. This structure enables the fund to achieve high active share which is correlated with performance outcomes. This Fund provides exposure to the world’s largest, most diverse, and most liquid equity markets, emphasizes high growth sectors, such as Healthcare and Technology and focuses on companies that can reinvest into opportunities for attractive rates of return.

If you have any questions about the Hedge Fund Awards nomination or the Kipling Funds, please speak to your Cumberland Portfolio Manager.

Cumberland Private Wealth Calgary named 5-Star Advisory Team

Each year, leading investment industry trade publication, Wealth Professional, opens its inbox to individuals across Canada who want to nominate their wealth advisor for special recognition. They are asked to describe how their advisor serves them, what sets their advisor apart, and what value they have been able to provide.

We are pleased to announce that, after a lengthy nomination period, Cumberland Private Wealth Calgary has been named a Wealth Professional 5-Star Advisory Team for 2023.

“We are honoured to be recognized in this way,” said team founder and portfolio manager, Gary Perron. “If you look at our history, you’ll see four decades of strong investment performance and innovative wealth management practices, but you’ll also notice that we’ve always put the needs of our clients first. I believe that’s why we were nominated for this award.”

Here are some of the most notable benefits of working with this award-winning advisory team:

Strong risk management. We follow a unique process to manage downside risk and aim to produce higher risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Through a combination of our proprietary Kipling Funds and individual securities, we can achieve lower volatility than the traditional portfolios offered by most financial institutions.

Independent advice. As an independent wealth management firm, we offer objective and unbiased financial advice. We do not have sales goals imposed upon us, so you can be sure that we will always do what is in your best interest and design a portfolio that is tailored to your unique needs.

Excellent service. We work as a team to provide the best possible client experience. In portfolio reviews, you’ll understand why your assets are invested the way they are and how that relates to what is happening in the market. And if you call us during business hours, you will always get a live person, not a recording.

“We strive to make wealth management a positive experience,” added portfolio manager, Shawna Perron. “We focus on empowering, educating and encouraging our clients. As a multi-generational team of advisors, we know intimately how important it is to help families define their goals and create the right conditions for the long-term stewardship of their assets. This 5-Star Advisory Team award from Wealth Professional lets us know that we remain on the right track.”

Cumberland Ranked Among The Best Private Wealth Firms

A new independent study has ranked Cumberland Private Wealth among the 10 best financial advisors for high net worth investors in Toronto, and among the eight best in Calgary. The study was conducted by California-based AdvisoryHQ News, which conducts independent reviews of top financial advisors, planners and wealth management firms.  The methodology Advisory HQ uses can be found here. 

Some highlights of the review include:

“This top wealth management firm is a fiduciary and a leading independent wealth manager that places no middlemen between you and the people managing your money. On top of that, they personally invest in the same strategies you do.

“Cumberland Private Wealth takes a customized approach to portfolio management. Their team-based philosophy delivers expert insights and excellence for their clients. With a commitment to putting their clients’ needs first, a talented and dedicated team, and a long-term approach, Cumberland Private Wealth solidifies a 5-star rating as one of the best investment firms to partner with.”

AdvisoryHQ rankings are independently researched and written. Firms are not even aware that they are being reviewed until after the review has been completed and published. In the end, less than 1% of considered firms are selected.

Independent selection process

The AdvisoryHQ review team starts by developing a comprehensive list of potential firms, then applies the initial methodology filters to narrow down the list:

Fee Structure. There is a preference for firms that receive their compensation directly from their high-net-worth ($1+ million investable assets) and ultra-high-net-worth ($30+ million investable assets) clients, rather than through sales commissions, which can reduce transparency and create bias.

Fiduciaries. Fee-based advisors that are also fiduciaries are expected to fully disclose any conflicts of interest and are also expected to always place their clients’ interests ahead of their own.

Independence. The selection logic is designed to favour independent wealth management firms. These firms provide services and recommend financial products that are not based on an affiliation with a bank or financial institution.

Scale of Innovation. The relationship with a wealth manager is normally a very long-term relationship. As such, it is essential to seek advisors who are constantly improving their services and business practices.

After trimming down the initial list, AdvisoryHQ’s review team conducts deep-dive assessments to select the final list of top-ranking advisors, planners, and wealth managers. When performing this due diligence, the team applies the following selection filters:

Resource Availability. Firms with the necessary bandwidth to provide the right level of support to a broad base of individuals, families, and institutions.

Experience Level. Combined experience of the advisory team, including years of experience, certification, and leading roles within their fields of expertise.

Transparency. The selection methodology favours advisory firms whose fees are completely transparent with no surprises.

Customized Services. The level of flexibility in providing customized services that are tailored toward clients’ unique situations.

Quality of Website. A site with client-friendly ease of use, graphical design, and functionality.

Open Door Policy. A culture that encourages clients to ask questions, get to know the team, and feel at home in the office.

Audience. Even if a firm manages institutional assets, there is also a robust offering for individuals and families.

While we at Cumberland are well aware of the values, passion and commitment that go into serving our clients, it is gratifying to receive this independent, third-party validation. Thank you to AdvisoryHQ and to everyone on our team who makes us worthy of this recognition.

When You Should Consider Our Automated Portfolio Advisor Tool

Generations of investors have trusted Cumberland Private Wealth for highly individual portfolio advice and investment management. However, there are many situations where our automated Portfolio Advisor Tool (PAT) might be better suited to your needs.

Cumberland PAT gives you access to the same investment expertise as our Private Clients, except in a digital form available at a minimum account size of $50,000 with human support when you need it.

Here are some of the ways our clients are utilizing Cumberland PAT:

Smaller accounts. You may be a Private Wealth client with a smaller account to manage, such as a TFSA, education savings plan or other registered account. PAT brings an efficient solution.

Building wealth
. You may be rapidly building your wealth, but not be quite ready for significant Private Wealth advisory services. PAT is a great bridge to get there.

Family ties. You may be the child or grandchild of a Private Wealth client and may be seeking to establish your own relationship with Cumberland. PAT is a perfect starting point.

Digital preference. You may want access to the track record of our investment team and simply prefer a digital investment experience. If so, welcome aboard.

Planners and advisors. You may be a financial professional who wants access to our investment skill for your clients. PAT can be a powerful complement to your practice.

Workplaces. You may run a workplace savings program and want a professional, higher tier of investment expertise for your people. PAT works very well at work!

Cumberland PAT is a digital-first way to access the same investment management expertise that has guided our Private Clients through decades of bubbles, recessions and pandemics. Whatever the future may bring, PAT is a terrific way to position your investments right now.

Simply click here to schedule a 30-minute chat to learn more.

Kingston’s History and Cumberland’s Future

Cumberland Private Wealth is excited to announce a new location in one of Kingston’s most iconic buildings – The Woolen Mill.

Built in 1882, The Woolen Mill boasts a long history in the Kingston community.  Though it spent nearly 50 years serving as a Mill, it has enjoyed providing event spaces, climbing gyms and a home for the Kingston Whig-Standard newspaper.  Now, it is where you will be able to find your dedicated Cumberland team. 

And although we cannot invite you to visit right now, we look forward to hosting you for a meeting or an event in the near term.  

Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc.

The Woolen Mill

4 Cataraqui Street, Suite 108
Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7

Take Control of Your Wealth

We’d like to to introduce two of our partners, Christie Matwee and Shawna Perron, who have recently created a series of educational podcasts on investing, and would love for you and/ or your family to join their journey by listening through your favorite podcast app or via their Take Control of Your Wealth website.

Christie and Shawna, both experienced Portfolio Managers at Cumberland in Toronto and Calgary respectively, have been passionate about helping Canadians of all ages and walks of life to feel comfortable with their money and achieve their financial goals. Their hope is that their podcast will be a way to do just that by allowing investors and their families to build knowledge and confidence as it relates to investing as they share their beliefs on key topics and investing principles.

You can automatically download new episodes for free by subscribing on Apple, or other podcast apps, and feel free to leave them a rating and review while you’re at it!

In addition, you can subscribe and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to ensure you receive updates about new episodes. Or sign up to receive email updates on the Take Control of Your Wealth website.

Gerry Connor Gives Big to George Brown Centre for Business

Shaping the financial industry of tomorrow takes encouragement and support today. Facilitated by the George Brown College Foundation, Gerald Connor, Chairman of Cumberland Partners Ltd. (CPL), made a substantial personal donation intended to provide financial support for the expansion of the finance program at the Centre for Business. Read more about this initiative in the press release.

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Susanne Alexandor has joined our team

Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc. (“Cumberland Private Wealth”), one of Canada’s leading independent wealth management firms and a trusted fiduciary for families, individuals and foundations, is pleased to announce that Susanne Alexandor has joined us as Client Portfolio Manager*.

Ms. Alexandor brings 30 years of global investment management experience to our firm.

“We are very excited to have Susanne Alexandor join our senior team of client portfolio managers as we deepen our commitment to delivering investment management excellence, sophisticated wealth management and a personalized, high touch experience to our clients,” states Charlie Sims, Chief Executive Officer of Cumberland Private Wealth. “We aim to continue
to be at the forefront of a changing Canadian investment and wealth management landscape so our clients can achieve their financial and life goals for the future.”

Ms. Alexandor’s investment experience has spanned the full spectrum of global capital markets and asset classes in varying regimes, with roles as a discretionary global portfolio manager and advisor to both private and
institutional clients. She has held positions with leading firms in major financial centers around the world, with her most recent experience at a boutique firm specializing in global tactical asset allocation investment strategies. As a regular media commentator and industry panelist, she enjoys communicating on the many facets and complexities of the asset management world.

Susanne Alexandor is originally from Germany, but was raised and began her career in the U.S. She earned a BA in Economics and German from Rutgers University. During her time in Toronto, she has been actively engaged in a variety of community and philanthropic initiatives.

*Subject to regulatory approval.

How much money do you need to get the attention of a financial advisor?

In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, Cumberland Private Wealth President and CEO Charlie Sims discusses the benefits of the combination of services provided to our clients, including tax and retirement planning, estate and legacy planning.

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