A safe way to preserve your wealth?

In 2013, Levon Barker was part of a small operation that mined a dozen Bitcoins. By the following year, he had sold his coins for a small profit, and his partner’s coins had been stolen in a $450 million raid on Mt. Gox, one of the world’s leading Bitcoin exchanges of the time.

Today, Levon is a US and Canadian Equity Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst at Cumberland and remains a close observer of the evolution of crypto assets. He recently shared his considerable insight on the topic in a presentation to clients and friends of Cumberland. He addressed issues such as:

  • Do crypto assets contain value, like stocks or commodities?
  • How do they work and why?
  • Can they be trusted despite the risks of theft, loss and fraud?
  • Should crypto assets be used to preserve your wealth?

Levon covers these topics and more in a manner that is clear and accessible, even for those who are new to this fast-changing space.

If you would like to view his presentation and the Q&A that followed, please send us a note requesting a link to the recording.

Rebirth of The Gen X Tech Stock

Levon Barker

Microsoft was born in 1975 and went on to become one of the most powerful and profitable companies in history.

Five years ago, it looked like the company’s glory days might be over. Their personal computing business was down 5% and their cell phone division was going broke.

Yet, between 2016 and 2021, Microsoft doubled the growth of the broader stock market.

Watch Portfolio Manager Levon Barker explain the story of rebirth that most analysts missed, and why he believes Microsoft will continue to grow beyond expectations.

Market Hindsight & Foresight

Join Portfolio Managers, James Nickerson, Jason Isaac and Derek VanGenderen from our Calgary office for their reflections on the market, where they think it is going, asset allocation and valuations.  You will also learn how your portfolio is positioned for 2021.

They cover:

  • A review of 2020 (0:47)
  • What’s happening in your managed portfolio (16:22)
  • Their favourite stocks and sectors (21:30)
  • What they see going into 2021 (26:45)

Download the recording by using the three dots on the right to navigate through the sections more easily.

Cumberland Market Review & Outlook

2020 has been a challenging year in so many ways. In our world of investing, in trying to be the best stewards of our clients’ capital, we take great pride in how we have performed. Watch the 30 minute video to gain insight into how we invest, what we are looking at and what we are buying for our clients and for ourselves.

Not All Tech Stocks Are Created Equal

As the Tech Titans and other Technology companies dominate the market, investors can’t help but wonder if this trend will continue – Does a ‘bubble’ exist? And are we about to see it burst?

Last week, Portfolio Manager Phil D’Iorio wrote about US Technology and has now elaborated in a podcast interview, addressing the realities of today’s market, what we have learned from past cycles and what we might see this year and beyond.  

Kipling Strategic Income Fund

Focus on providing a steady income stream through fixed income investing.

Capital preservation while mitigating risk exposure from both an interest rate risk and credit risk perspective.

Kipling Global Enhanced Dividend Fund

A low volatility strategy with a focus on dividend growth, profitability and balance sheet flexibility emphasizing cash flows to shareholders.

Tax and Succession Planning

Wondering how your taxes might change or perhaps you are thinking about succession planning and how tax reform might impact your plan all due to the recently announced Federal deficit?

Listen to our Podcast featuring Sunit Paul, Partner & Senior Tax Advisor from BDO, to discuss some worthy strategies.

Second Quarter 2020 Market Review

Listen to a discussion led by our CEO Charlie Sims and CIO Peter Jackson, on the market impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of this year, current market trends and our outlook looking to 2021.

O Canada, Small but Mighty

Times of uncertainty allow us to take a step back and then look forward to see new opportunities. We believe that Canada is still a place presenting some of those opportunities for investors.