TFSAs and the Value of Compounding

You’ve been saving for retirement with your RRSP. How about your TFSA? If you haven’t thought about opening a TFSA yet, here’s why we think you should think seriously about doing so.

Proper Planning for the Trillion Dollar Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer

Over the next 25 years, over $1.0 Trillion of wealth will be transferred to the Next Generation in Canada. Proper planning is essential in ensuring that it all goes smoothly. Read about 6 estate transfer planning strategies, and learn about how Cumberland can help.

Why tax and estate planning is important in wealth management

In the world of tax planning the roles of a financial advisor and an accountant are inseparable as fewer taxes means more cash flow, allowing for additional savings and a more successful retirement and succession plan.

Investing Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Being stuck between a rock and hard place is never a fun place to be. When the rock is a rising interest environment and the hard place is a volatile stock market, trying to save for retirement can be a challenge.

Investing with Discipline

While your professional success is unquestionable, have you applied the same skill, discipline and perseverance to managing your investments?

Investment Insights from our CIO

Is the volatility we’ve seen in the market so far this fall set to continue? A closer look at key indicators will help determine what can happen.

Following the FED rate hike on September 26th market volatility began to accelerate, however the S&P 500 index remains at less than 6% off its all-time highs, the TSX is looking attractive from a valuation perspective and there has been little impact on corporate bond spreads.

Today’s Landscape and Opportunities in Canadian Pipelines and Midstream Companies

The S&P/TSX Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation Total Return Index is down approximately 14.7% year-to-date (through April 26). Rising interest rates, larger than normal discounts for western Canadian natural gas and crude oil (particularly heavier crude oil), and various delays with new projects have all given analysts, pundits, and the media plenty of material to construct a negative narrative.

This article appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of our newsletter, “Interest Gained”. To read the full newsletter, please click here.

Changing of Chairs: Styles of Central Banker and Rate Cycles

Since the mid 70s the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board have served at least two consecutive terms (terms are 4 years at a time). The appointment of Janet Yellen, being the first women Chairperson of the Federal Reserve Board, back in 2014 by Barack Obama marks the first break in that trend, serving only one term. Many have asked if this change in Chairs will make a difference in the interest rate hike cycle in the US. Our Short answer: NO.

This article appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of our newsletter, “Interest Gained”. To read the full newsletter, please click here.

US Election Cheat Sheet

Chairman Gerry Connor in conjunction with Sukyong Yang, Lead Manager Global Equities, have prepared an informal briefing or “Cheat Sheet” on the possible outcomes of the US election. While there are many unknowns and variables, we hope this summary will provide relevant perspectives and our insights.

Our Initial Perspectives on The Brexit Vote

The Brexit referendum answered one question but raised a number of complex issues. In their respective commentaries, Lead Strategist, Gerald Connor, CIO, Peter Jackson and Global Equities PM, Sukyong Yang review their perspectives on this significant outcome and the impact it could have at this early stage.

While all three commentaries share commonalities, they also focus on different key elements. Click on the links below to read more.

Gerald Connor, Chairman

Peter Jackson, Chief Investment Officer

Sukyong Yang, Lead Manager, Global Equities