Diane Pang / July 2nd, 2021

Accelerated Progress – But Let’s Not Totally Let Our Guard Down

Covid-19 fatigue is real. There has been so much conflicting news, that people have just started tuning out. For instance, to mask or not to mask: CDC is suggesting that no masks are required for fully vaccinated individuals, but yet WHO is still suggesting that a mask should still be worn for fully vaccinated individuals for better prevention again the Delta variant . Even in Canada, there has been some flip flopping regarding the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine about its safety and more recently, the push to mix and match vaccines in an attempt to push for herd immunity. Who can follow all of this and what is believable? Well, the one thing that is positive is Canada has made great progress in vaccinations over the last quarter! Whether or not it’s the right step forward on their methods, vaccinations have accelerated during the quarter with 67% of the Canadian population receiving 1 dose and 31% of our population now being fully vaccinated. Provinces are staggering re-opening over the coming weeks with targets of being fully operational by the fall. Vaccinations do seem to be working in terms of limiting the severity of Covid-19
(and variant) symptoms, reducing hospitalizations and increasing the confidence of society to be more active.